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    Is it in the works to have a profile type section where one can see all their own "voxes?" Similar to how twitter has it. Just curious... might be a nice idea to see a compilation of all the voxes you wrote.

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  • By bboyatwork for the
    Tuesday, March 27, 2012 Login to agree. Login to disagree.

    Students Protest Debt as Student Loan Debt Collectors Make a Billion Freedom isn't free..

  • By mike for the
    Sunday, March 11, 2012 Login to agree. Login to disagree.

    "U.S. soldier in Afghanistan goes on a shooting rampage." If anything is surprising about this, it's that it took so long to happen. We have a culture that glorifies violence, and praises aggression as the American way to solve problems. Our educational system is completely devoid of tolerance and diversity instruction, has failed to equip students with adequate job skills, and completely down-plays the greatest of American traits, a overriding respect for the content of one's character. And then we fill the frontlines of our military, literally the faces of our nation to those countries who are at greatest ideological odds with us, with the most extreme personifications of these problems. We weren't surprised 10 years ago, and we're not surprised today. It's time we re-learned what it means to be American.

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  • By mike for the
    Wednesday, March 07, 2012 Login to agree. Login to disagree.

    Yesterday President Obama lambasted Republican presidential candidates for their vague, amorphous criticisms of weakness in his handling of Iran. While it's reckless, premature, and dangerous for these candidates to imply the need for war, they force the President into a sticky situation. While we support his desire for a diplomatic resolution, we do feel the President must take care to balance his political desire to point out the flaws in the Republicans' rehetoric, with the nation's strategic need to be extremely assertive with Iran. Specifically, he must craft his statements about Republicans not to signal to Iran that military force is completely out of the question. Otherwise, he can embolden Iran and ironically bring us closer to war. More:

  • By mike for the
    Tuesday, March 06, 2012 Login to agree. Login to disagree.

    We're not as excited about tomorrow's rumored iPad 3 announcement by Apple as we are about the AppleTV! 24/7 Siri! (If only they could make her sound like the computer from Star Trek The Next Generation!)