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Proposed Thursday, March 08, 2012 by thetej

Best new comedy shows: - New Girl - Happy Endings - Suburgatory - StevieTV Oldies but goodies - Modern Family - Parks and Rec - The Office - 30 Rock What are your top shows?

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Discussion among the comedy-tv-lovers.
  1. bboyatworkI was watching Community up until recently   12 years ago
  2. tequilamockingbirdThe Big Bang Theory! And I finally caught StevieTV recently, and it was interesting because I could see how it would be funny on paper but I never found myself actually laughing. I like what she does though and hope she gets better.   12 years ago
  3. karenguiserModern family is my favorite. All the actors are terrific & the stories are really funny!!   10 years ago