Blocvox strengthens communities of all sizes by
making personal involvement easy, effective and fun.
bloc noun, a group of people united for a common cause. A cartoon of four individuals standing outside under a banner that reads "Kitten Rights Now". A bloc hanging out on a nice day.
vox noun, a statement that attempts to capture the sentiment of a bloc, and that others in the bloc can endorse or deny. A cartoon in which an individual presents a piece of paper with the text "Kittens deserve sushi three times a week." on it, two others endorse it, and one denies it. Someone proposing a vox to the rest of a bloc.

Read and contribute to
vibrant, up-to-date
news boards
all kinds of groups.
Voxes approved by a bloc
appear on their Home page,
adding to their collective voice.

Screenshot of a vibrant, up-to-date news board.
Screenshot of a bloc's Proposals and >Mentions page, showing voxes being considered, including those that are being collectively denied.

...and go behind the
of any bloc to
see a list of all the ideas
they're considering.
Just click the Proposals and
link at the top of any
bloc Home page.

Taking a concerted stand is as easy as...

1. Join some blocs A partial screenshot of a bloc Home page, emphasizing the Join button in the top-left corner. Join blocs you identify with by clicking at the top of their Home pages. Search for blocs with the box at the top of the page. If the bloc you're looking for doesn't exist yet, suggest it to us at the bottom of the search results page.
2. Weigh in A partial screenshot of the vote controls of a vox Respond to voxes proposed by others with the Endorse and Deny buttons. Voxes with more endorsements than denials are shown on the bloc's Home page. The more endorsements, the more space they are given.
3. Optional: Propose a vox A partial screenshot of bloc Proposals and >Mentions page, emphasizing the Propose button in the top-right corner. Propose your own statements of the bloc sentiment, by clicking at the top of their Proposals & >Mentions pages. Mention other blocs with the >, e.g. ">kitten-rights-bloc". Add an image or some links to enrich and contextualize your vox.
A screenshot of the Front Page.

Paint the big picture... The Front Page gives a concise look at the most important things happening on Blocvox right now: new voxes backed strongly by the members of their blocs. The actions of every individual across the site contribute to its ever-changing shape.

...and a self-portrait. The basis of Blocvox is the individual. Each has their own Profile Page, which shows all of the voxes they've either proposed or endorsed. Blocvox also has a simple point system to recognize individual initiative.

A screenshot of a Profile Page.
The Detail page for a vox by the kitten-rights-bloc.
A screenshot of a vox Detail page, showing the content of a vox below a snippet of the original vox to which it replies, and above a vox which replies to it. An image of handwritten text that calls out the area of the previous image that shows the original vox to which this one replies, as well as the area that shows the replies that this vox later received.

You can also engage other blocs you're not a member of, to
build bridges of solidarity.
(Or to burn them.) Be a participant in conversations between whole groups, by proposing voxes in reply to ones from other blocs! Start by clicking in the Reply section of a vox's Detail page.

Blocvox works for all kinds of groups, but currently
focuses on politics, sports, and arts/entertainment.
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Every voice counts.
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