This vox by zebrafinch on behalf of environmentalists is endorsed by 3 of them and denied by 1.


Proposed Tuesday, March 06, 2012 by zebrafinch

Part of the American Dream is what gave way to suburban sprawl. Building outward across land has allowed cities/towns to be developed with ridiculously winding roads and interconnecting highways that make dependency on traveling by vehicles necessary for convenience. Carbon emissions and wasted land space can be limited by educating the importance in a shift of American Dream ideals to building upward rather than out, living in smaller, shared space so that city-wide development facilitates traveling by means of public, mass, rapid transportation (e.g. subway system in NYC, bus system in Curitiba, Brazil). Ultimately, an end to suburban development and migration to existing major cities (without our vehicles) can significantly contribute in doing less harm to the environmentalists.

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