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    Sunday, February 16, 2014 Login to agree. Login to disagree.
    Plant milkweed; save the monarch.

    Plant milkweed; save the monarch. Monarch butterflies have one food source: milkweed. American farmers are destroying milkweed in their rush to plant genetically modified corn and soybeans. First through the use of herbicides that kill all plant life (save the modified corn and soybeans) and second by increased planting of corn and soybeans on acreage that historically grew milkweed. The winter migrations of monarch butterflies used to blanket over 16 acres of forests in western Mexico. This year they were recorded on only 1.7 acres; a 90% decrease. Our elected officials must take the lead in restoring milkweed. One easy to implement recommendation is to plant milkweed on the sides and medians of US roads along the butterflies’ migratory route. In the meantime each of us can act by planting milkweed around our homes and neighborhoods. Seeds are available for the cost of postage (copy/paste URL in your browser) The disappearance of the monarch would be an ecological tragedy and we can prevent it. Act now.

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    Friday, February 07, 2014 Login to agree. Login to disagree.
    We are appalled by the numerous killings of dogs

    We are appalled by the numerous killings of dogs being carried out at the behest of the government. It's not like the >Russians found out yesterday that they'd be hosting the Olympics. They've had years to address this problem, and yet they've chosen to be reactive rather than proactive about this ethical issue. Russia has a long way to go before earning the respect of the international community.