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    As Christians it is our job to get out there and

    As Christians it is our job to get out there and spread the Gospel. Let people know what Christianity is all about and that they ar e never alone if they have a relationship with The Lord. We all go through trials and tribulations but we can always turn to God and he will help us through each one. We are assured salvation if we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

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    >Americans and >Environmentalists love Bald Eagles

    >Americans and >Environmentalists love Bald Eagles, but none more so than Pittsburghers who have a nesting pair within city limits incubating three eggs. Bald Eagles had been absent from the Pittsburgh area for about 250 years but thanks to reintroduction efforts, which began 30 years ago, there are currently nests on all three rivers according to the Audubon Society of Western Penna. Outsiders may be surprised to learn of the nesting eagles within city limits but Pittsburghers are well familiar with the wildlife that exists in their many wooded areas. Not the least of which are wild turkeys, another majestic bird that, if Benjamin Franklin had his way, would have replaced the Bald Eagle as our national symbol. Click the link to see live activity from the Hays Bald Eagle cam.

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    Pizza - ummm

    Pizza - ummm We love the new fast fired pizzerias. Custom pizzas at a decent price and prepared within 10 minutes. The ones we tried are surprisingly tasty; as good as those you will find at the best mom and pop pizza shops. They will surely impact the business model of the major chains like Dominos, Pizza Hut and Round Table. Serves them right. The new shops have names like Blaze, 800 Degrees, Pieology and MOD Pizza. Check’em out.

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    >Pittsburghers mourn the passing of Porky Chedwick

    >Pittsburghers mourn the passing of Porky Chedwick, the Daddio of the Raddio. We celebrate the life of the most loved DJ of all time of any American city, bar none. Porky originated the “old sound” in the 1950’s and played the very best of the rare oldies. He sincerely loved and respected his fans. Rest in peace Porky! One of Porky's big sounds from the early '60's, Swingin' Little Chicky by the Belltones:

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    We are appalled by the numerous killings of dogs

    We are appalled by the numerous killings of dogs being carried out at the behest of the government. It's not like the >Russians found out yesterday that they'd be hosting the Olympics. They've had years to address this problem, and yet they've chosen to be reactive rather than proactive about this ethical issue. Russia has a long way to go before earning the respect of the international community.

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    Fun fact: Cats' whiskers are used to help the cat determine whether it can fit through an opening.