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Proposed Thursday, September 12, 2013 by bboyatwork

Just found this new online drafting tool for those who like to compose long, thoughtful posts for their online spaces. This gives you a home base to draft/publish them from instead of crosspublishing across platform in the broken ways I've experienced it so far. Wordpress to tumblr to twitter. Now I can pick and choose and have different drafts depending on the destination. Or however you wanna creatively use it. Check it out! From what I've heard it's like a Github for writers (of the online nature). https://draftin.com/

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Discussion among the writers-bloc.
  1. mikeVery cool. In a way it's similar to Blocvox; both support a form of collective expression. It's also got great typography and visual design.   10 years ago
  2. bboyatworkYes! And I was very happy to find out I'm supporting a local Chicago developer :)   10 years ago
  3. lovejoyCool find!!   10 years ago
  4. mikeHooray for local indie developers!   10 years ago