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Proposed Monday, February 24, 2014 by lunalot
Boo to NBC.

Boo to NBC. The Olympics started out strong but, like the men's ski-cross, soon turned disastrous. Early on all the hoopla about Sochi being unprepared was particularly engaging, as was Bob Costas' "competition" with an eye infection. But, thanks to NBC's legendary Olympics programming, it soon became an endless slog of figure skating, skiing/snowboarding, randomly back to figure skating, now more skiing/snowboarding, ad nauseum. Where was the hockey, bobsledding, luge, skeleton? Where were the medal ceremonies? And with all the switching, where was any explanation of everything that transpired while we were gone? The few bones they did mercifully toss us with speed skating and biathlon were sandwiched (of course) between ice skating and skiing/snowboarding. Not a very tasty sandwich, NBC. Thanks for ruining our appetites.

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