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Proposed Wednesday, September 11, 2013 by mike
Bill de Blasio's family for NYC mayor!

Bill de Blasio's family for NYC mayor! De Blasio's son may have won him the Democratic primary, but we're pretty sure his daughter just made him mayor.

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Discussion among the new-yorkers.
  1. bboyatworkFinally comments work again and I can say..."His daughter should be Queen of the World!" LOL   10 years ago
  2. mikeHaha! Is somebody crushing? :D   10 years ago
  3. bboyatworkJust a little. I don't know how old she is yet ;)   10 years ago
  4. mikeWell, either way, I wouldn't mind if she was queen of the world. I mean, somebody has to. (BTW, cheers for the new bloc you created!)   10 years ago
  5. bboyatwork:)   10 years ago