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Proposed Wednesday, December 18, 2013 by mike
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For a couple days the awesome Instapaper app for iOS is free. This lets you easily save articles from the web for reading later on your mobile device. It's a super productivity enhancer for straphangers. Get it while it's hot!

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  1. bboyatworkThanks for the heads up on this mike! Do you use Readability at all ? Do these compare or there a reason this is a superior for productivity ?   10 years ago
  2. mikeAw, man, I forgot Readability had a mobile app. I've been an enthusiastic user of Readability's Reading View bookmarklet since before they had a mobile app. At that time I started using Instapaper's mobile bookmarklet for offline reading. I guess then they've both developed each other's features, except Readability is free and Instapaper isn't. It does seem that Instapaper is used by more third-party apps. For example, both Feedly and news:yc (the Hacker News mobile app I use) have direct support for Instapaper but not Readability. Not a big deal, but something.   10 years ago