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Proposed Thursday, January 30, 2014 by simpleman

Obama has no respect for America? Please. A man who has dedicated a large portion of his life to public service and earning the highest position within our democracy. We believe that "rattling" off constructive and beneficial objectives such as equal pay for women, a minimum wage that earns above the poverty line and a fair and accessible health care system is not a "smoke and mirrors campaign". They are are steps in improving the lives of all Americans.

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Discussion among the liberals.
  1. bboyatworkAgreed. However small those steps may be, or however many steps we must take forward for those we are pushed back, >liberals will support progress towards equality no matter the human container   10 years ago
  2. mike(Hey @bboyatwork, you read my mind. Just wanted to let you know it's on the roadmap to upgrade the comment processing so >bloc-mentions, @user-mentions, and http://links will work.)   10 years ago