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Proposed Tuesday, February 04, 2014 by bboyatwork
Passion dictates action.

Passion dictates action. We work hard for what we want, but we shouldn't work ourselves to death. We believe that one can work hard and be healthy! Measure your own success and keep your body, and mind, in mind.

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Discussion among the health-conscious.
  1. mikeUgh, that's so tragic. Competition for jobs has gotten way out of control. Unless your basic survival is at stake, no one should accept working conditions anywhere near that extreme. (And imposing such conditions on employees is never justified.) It'd be great if companies introduced caps on hours worked.   10 years ago
  2. bboyatworkI agree. I would also, love to see more work from home options in the lines of work that allow it, or allow you to adjust your hours based on what is going on in your life instead of the strict 9-5. Or 8-9 hour shifts that are expected. This obviously doesn't apply in certain service & market, oriented positions - but in general I mean.   10 years ago