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Proposed Wednesday, January 29, 2014 by ekim
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Any >san-francisco-49ers hurt that they lost to the >seattle-seahawks better get over it real soon, because the >denver-broncos are definitely going to get steam-rolled at the Super Bowl. Top defense wins. Statistics don't lie. Also, Seattle has better doctors, apparently. Which just further proves... something about doctors.

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  1. simplemanThe Broncos get steam rolled?? Nope. The Seattle secondary and defense in general hasn't faced an attack like the Broncos bring. 3 good to great receivers and a tight end playing phenomenal. It's going to be hard for Seattle to decide who to cover. Peyton is going to find the open man consistently. The weather is going to be beautiful and a non issue. And yes, if you live on the east coast the high 30s or low 40s is a beautiful day trust me.   10 years ago