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Proposed Wednesday, March 21, 2012 by mike

We're bummed out by the slow degradation of the sport into something refined and controlled as ballroom dancing. Coach Sean Payton and that other guy shouldn't be suspended for encouraging their team to hit opponents so hard they are knocked out of the game; they should be rewarded! We're Americans! We want raw destruction! (It's embarrassing enough we require helmets when those crazy rugby players run around with craniums fully exposed.) via NYTimes http://nyti.ms/GKmJq9

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  1. shaunaramaFootball has become a game of chess. - Benjamin Franklin, 2012   12 years ago
  2. mikeWise words of wisdom from the wide world of sports on the world wide web.   12 years ago
  3. whatthekenWhy stop there? What if you hit someone hard enough to permanently injure them? Maybe that shouldn't be allowed. Actually, hitting people is not nice and may cause bumps and bruises. That shouldn't be allowed either. Why don't we just change the game to 2 hand touch and be done with it?!   12 years ago