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Proposed Wednesday, March 28, 2012 by zebrafinch

Twist on the old cucumber slices-white vinegar-chopped garlic-fresh ground pepper-dash of salt mix... Replace cucumber slices with gala or fuji apple slices. Delicious!!

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Discussion among the foodies.
  1. shaunaramaAll I have is one giant golden delicious apple. I'll have to go to the farmers market to pick up a gala or fuji. And instead of fresh ground pepper and salt, could I supsitute Mrs. Dash?   12 years ago
  2. zebrafinchYou're kidding, right? haha... I love Mrs. Dash, but I'm not so sure it would work here. You can always try and let us know. It can be just as pleasantly surprising as my apple discovery!... or just bad, bad, baaad.   12 years ago