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Proposed Monday, March 10, 2014 by barbaramcgranahan
As Christians it is our job to get out there and

As Christians it is our job to get out there and spread the Gospel. Let people know what Christianity is all about and that they ar e never alone if they have a relationship with The Lord. We all go through trials and tribulations but we can always turn to God and he will help us through each one. We are assured salvation if we accept Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

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  1. ericnaborsI wholeheartedly agree. In my experience as being a Christian, it's a challenge to share the "Good News" with non-believers. Prior to accepting Christ myself, I was both resistant to listen to any spiritual conversations and reluctant to accept Christ. Because I was a non-believer, such conversations appeared to be nothing more than fictional tales, stories and fables. When one's mind is closed, it's difficult to share God's plans with them. However, I'm walking proof that it can be done if those we love don't give up on us. My pastor Rick Warren points out regularly that while it may not be possible for one person to open another's mind to The Truth over a single conversation, it's our obligation to plant the seed. God will water the seed and when the non-believer's mind is ready, such a seed will grow into a full grown understanding of God's Promise and such a person will then be saved.   10 years ago