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Proposed Wednesday, March 14, 2012 by shaunarama

Is there a way to edit a bloc name? The person (or thing) that made the "officialchicken-tenderbloc" probably feels like an idiot for messing up the formatting of the name.

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Discussion among the blocvox-troopers.
  1. mikeNot possible. That'd be like telling someone you'd sell them a goat and delivering a chicken. Or a chicken tender. On the other hand, you can simply re-create the block. People looking at the list of blocs will see the two versions and not join the bizzarely-named one... unless they both are.   12 years ago
  2. mike^ I spelled 'bloc' wrong.   12 years ago
  3. shaunaramaWe having a bloc party up in here. For real. Wait, dis aint blocvox ballers. Where am I?   12 years ago
  4. zebrafinchlol Shaun!   12 years ago