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Proposed Wednesday, March 14, 2012 by shaunarama

We are noticing the improvements to the site. Once "reply" and "comment (12)" are unlocked, all hell is going to break loose. In a good way.

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Discussion among the blocvox-troopers.
  1. mikeNow that "comment (12)" is "unlocked", I expect all hell to start its journey of wiggling free from it's cage.   12 years ago
  2. mike(In a good way.)   12 years ago
  3. tom-jjbtGood job on the addition of comments! Especially that they do not display (and fill up the window) unless you open them.   12 years ago
  4. shaunaramaThe comment box looks like a stick of Fruit Stripe bubble gum. Banana flavor.   12 years ago
  5. bboyatworkAww Heck   12 years ago
  6. whatthekenCool, what's the code to unlock "comment (12)"? Is it "up up down down left right left right A B"?   12 years ago
  7. mikelol just saw the "banana-flavored fruit stripes" reference.   12 years ago