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Proposed Tuesday, June 11, 2013 by bboyatwork

I really like the look and feel, but I think the Propose Vox button should be on the homepage or the landing page of the group Vox. I had to search around and finally saw it under the PROPOSALS AND >MENTIONS link. Great work though :)

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Discussion among the blocvox-troopers.
  1. bboyatworkOh, and an edit feature would be nice to go back and update your post.   10 years ago
  2. mikeHey bboy! Yeah, I understand both issues. Regarding the button: The Proposals page is like the bloc's meeting room, while the Approvals (landing) page is their front yard. Putting the button on the Proposals page helps create that feeling, and once you've discovered it you know where it's at.   10 years ago
  3. mikeAlso, say some guy "Jake" proposes a vox that gets shot down. It won't appear on the Approvals page, only on the Proposals page. If you or I later wanted to propose a similar vox, I want us to have a good chance of first seeing Jake's buried proposal so we can just up-vote it. But if the Propose button was on the Approvals page, we'd have less of a chance of seeing the buried post.   10 years ago
  4. mikeHowever, nothing is set in stone. :)   10 years ago
  5. mikeRegarding an edit feature. I definitely feel you. It's on my list. Right now I envision it having a five-minute rule, during which you can edit your post. I don't want to allow editing forever in case people get sneaky and after they get a bunch of up-votes, they change it to say something completely different   10 years ago
  6. bboyatworkAh. All great points. I do like the thought regarding where the button is. At first just thought I wouldn't be able to post a new Vox or that is was disabled. But like you say, now that I know where it it, makes sense.   10 years ago