This vox by mike on behalf of blocvox-troopers is endorsed by 1 of them and denied by 0.


Proposed Wednesday, June 12, 2013 by mike

Super major props from us in the blocvox-troopers to the good folks of the >soundcrowd for being the first new bloc of the re-launch!! *collective high-five!*

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Discussion among the blocvox-troopers.
  1. mike@bboyatwork, you are an exemplary Blocvoxer! (Hope you don't mind I tweaked the name to so that it sounds more like a group of people, rather than just a topic.)   10 years ago
  2. bboyatworkOf course. I don't mind at all. I'll keep that in mind when creating   10 years ago
  3. bboyatworkHey. It looks like I can no longer post in this bloc. It states that I am a member above, but The "Join' button is active and the 'Propose Vox' is not.   10 years ago
  4. bboyatworkI mean the soundcrowd-bloc, not -troopers   10 years ago
  5. mikeBummer! Maybe because I renamed the bloc. Thanks for letting me know. I'll keep you updated.   10 years ago
  6. mikeNot sure if you'll catch this comment (this site could really use a notifications system!) but are you still having trouble proposing voxes to that bloc? If you see a button labeled "Join" that means you are not part of the group, but can Join if you want. When you are a member, there is a Leave button in its place... Perhaps this could be improved...   10 years ago