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Proposed Sunday, January 12, 2014 by sunkensound

A lot of great posts and discussion points in here! I wanted to give some new user feedback while it is fresh. Super easy sign up process, use of kittens is brilliant, "Front Page" is engaging, and very clear on how to endorse or deny a post. As a new user my first inclination was to look at what groups currently exists and find ones I identify with. I thought the link showing the existing blocs could be more prominent on the Front Page. I also found that I was hesitant to join a group without reading everything the group had endorsed, which can be time consuming if it has many posts, so I wondered if there was a summary/short description of each group's endorsements/collective beliefs. Overall, I see blocvox as a great platform to share information with like-minded people keeping up on a certain topic. One last thing - go blocvox!

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Discussion among the blocvox-troopers.
  1. mikeSuper awesome feedback, sunkensound! • I'll look into redesigning the existing blocs link to make it more apparent. • Interesting to hear about your hesitation in joining a group... A group summary is something I've been considering for a while. The main challenge I see is how to allow the summary to evolve over time in a democratic way. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts! Go sunkensound!   10 years ago
  2. mikeBy the way regarding joining groups, while there aren't any summaries to define the group, the name of the group is the most important thing. I understand that can feel a little uncomfortable, because a name is so simple and yet it is expected to tie together people and posts. But, it is true in the real world as well. We organize and categorize and name groups and causes as a matter of necessity...   10 years ago
  3. mikeMy thinking is that it shouldn't matter that much what has been posted before you join a group. For example, I'm pretty sure you identify with Americans in the real world. That's enough for you to feel entitled to join them on the site (hope I didn't give away your identity just there). If you also happen to feel the existing posts by the Americans misrepresent what you know as an American, you should feel welcome (obligated? lol) to join them and deny all their existing posts and steer their posts in the direction you think is more accurate. Especially when non-Americans may (hopefully) look at those posts as an authentic portrait of Americans. :)   10 years ago