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Proposed Tuesday, June 11, 2013 by bboyatwork
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A post I wrote recently on the confluence of the unveiling of truths and the necessity whistle blowing since transparency is apparently a sin in our government.

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Discussion among the americans.
  1. mikeHey bboy, I love the spirit of this post and I want to upvote it... But (this is my fault for not conveying it strongly enough on the site) can you repost it in the form of a statement by the whole group... Basically, use "we"/"us" instead of "I"/"me". it could be as simple as "Based on the confluence of the unveiling of truths and the necessity of whistle-blowing, it's apparent to us that transparency is a sin in our government." and add the link to the full post...   8 years ago
  2. mikeI'm looking into ways to encourage people to write their posts as if they're speaking "as the group." I'm open to any ideas if anyone has any.   8 years ago
  3. mikeWanted to add that I think posts to >blocvox-troopers can be exempt from the "speak as a group" idea, since that is a meta-bloc about feedback on the site itself. So it's ok to post as an individual or as a group in that group, but in other groups I want to set a precedent for speaking as a group.   8 years ago