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Proposed Wednesday, January 29, 2014 by ekim
Obama's a miserable failure.

Obama's a miserable failure. He just repeats policy goals ad nauseam, knowing he'll never fulfill them. They're just meaningless noises coming out of his mouth, that the ignorant among us somehow find placating and soothing and eloquent. How's that eloquence helping out with your joblessness? Is it "eloquent" to spout lies about climate change? More like insulting! We need to stop cutting him slack and recognize the egregious harm he's done to this country. The Constitution is in tatters and he's responsible. He has no respect for us and it's time he's been impeached!

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Discussion among the americans.
  1. tom-jjbtThe pessimists among us might find the initial sentence an apt description for the majority of U.S. politicians. Anyone who spends the second half of their term focused on their reelection instead of doing their job is worthy of contempt (insert name of your representative). Obama, like most presidents, has his faults but his actions demonstrate that he is focused on supporting the American middle class. This vox does not represent most members of the Americans bloc.   10 years ago
  2. ekimYou're wrong!! Perhaps the >conservatives will agree with me.   10 years ago