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Proposed Wednesday, February 05, 2014 by liladmin
This is going to be one *interesting* Olympics.

This is going to be one *interesting* Olympics.

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Discussion among the americans.
  1. mikeOh wow! Our relationship with Russia is a strange one. They are always the foe, they are always backward, they are always up to something sneaky. They are never the oppressed, or the misled, or the pitiable. We might turn the other cheek if this were happening in some other semi-developed nation, but we won't for recovering communists... Wait, what am I talking about? This is the Olympics and they spent $51b to get Sochi ready. Good lord! Carry on with the criticism!!   10 years ago
  2. bboyatworkWould this classify as first, second, or third world problems?   10 years ago