This vox by liladmin on behalf of americans is endorsed by 3 of them and denied by 1.


Proposed Wednesday, January 29, 2014 by liladmin

We're ready for the SOTU!

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Discussion among the americans.
  1. simplemanI saw an article today that said millions of Americans will be watching, but it will barely be about half of the viewers who tuned into last weeks NFC championship game. How does America get that to change?   10 years ago
  2. mikeThat's the golden question.   10 years ago
  3. mikeI think getting rid of the partisan rancor is a big requirement, and I think that has to start with normal people being more willing to consider the the points of view of the Others. It won't solve everything, but I hope Blocvox can help with that.   10 years ago
  4. bboyatworkBlocvox can definitely help with that. It's a great example of an independent platform that is dependent on considering the Other's point of view. Who knows, one day maybe we will be blockvoxing live during SOTU and other important congressional events and debates.   10 years ago
  5. mikeI like how you think bboy!   10 years ago
  6. simplemanThe current attitude of "I'm taking my ball and going home" needs to stop.   10 years ago
  7. simplemanWas Obama's Mad Men reference in regards to women making less money than men the quote of the evening?   10 years ago
  8. simpleman"Nothing in life that is worth anything is easy" - This beats it   10 years ago
  9. bboyatwork@haus I think you're right on all counts   10 years ago
  10. mikeYeah, making less and not being supported in starting a family. Totally, great line.   10 years ago