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Proposed Saturday, March 17, 2012 by bboyatwork

Where is history anymore. Is what matters most the things that are happening now? Shall the past not inform our current opinions any more? Education really seems to now really be indoctrination, or selective learning influenced by the local community. Can it be any other way, when we have the world of information at our finger tips now? Is knowledge democratized currently? If so, why haven't we expressed our collective power of democracy. Each one representing themselves, instead of voting their responsibility away.

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  1. mikeAre you suggesting people are currently voting their responsibility away? If so, how?   12 years ago
  2. bboyatworkWe vote for a group of people/persons to represent us. Instead of being able to take direct action in voting up or down on a law. True we can recall and overturn by popular opinion, but I don't think it needs explanation that our country is not run by popular opinion.   12 years ago