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Proposed Friday, September 27, 2013 by mike
We believe >iranians want to peacefully coexist

We believe >iranians want to peacefully coexist with us, despite the rhetoric and actions of their government in recent history. We only want the same, so we are cautiously optimistic about the recent developments. However, until we understand what has brought about this change, we will remain guarded and skeptical.

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Discussion among the americans.
  1. bboyatworkDo you refrain from using the word I, when proposing a new vox, intentionally ? Is this a guideline when speaking to the bloc's community ? In this case I agree with you so I see the we can coexist peacefully.   10 years ago
  2. mikeSorry, just saw this comment! Yeah, definitely intentional. It's not about speaking *to other Americans in the bloc* but about speaking *to the world* as a representative of the Americans. As the author of the vox, I hope that I capture the view of other Americans and that they vote it up as a sign of their endorsement and identification with it. So by using "we", I'm refering to all Americans (or at least those that upvoted). This is the core idea of Blocvox, and I've struggled a bit with ways to make this more clear. Voxes are not primarily about the individual--there are thousands of websites that cater to that need very well. Voxes are collective statements from a group, to the world. They just happen to be written by individual members of those groups. Does this make sense? Is there anything that could have helped make that more apparent? I'm all ears :)   10 years ago