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Proposed Friday, March 02, 2012 by bboyatwork

What is necessary for the American mindset to lose it's hubris is opening itself to listening to and encouraging the criticism of the rest of the world. But, this also applies to the Western mindset in general no matter where on this Earth it is established systematically. This world may be controlled by money for now, but ideas are the currency of the future. I believe that online we must seek out ways to dialogue with other world citizens in a more organized forum, and I feel like combining news and information items in a more collaborative, open and uncensored environmentalists is necessary. Without fear of reprisal or intervention of law enforcement. It's not about secrecy or privacy, but liability and freedom of expression. I enjoy watching http://stream.aljazeera.com/ for a slightly more global, but less hierarchical discussion of world events. This horizontal form of communication is necessary everywhere online and in the flesh. Work, school and inter-communally. Hopefully bloc vox can become one of those tools!

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