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Proposed Friday, March 23, 2012 by whattheken

American free speech is being threatened by the president and congress, again. New law passed that makes it a felony to protest in the general vicinity of anyone protected by the secret service. The secret service now have, at their discretion, the ability to arrest anyone who protests near government officials while under secret service protection. This is a felony charge with a 1 year prison sentence. The president is always under secret service protection. So protesting the president while he is around can mean a prison sentence.

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  1. whatthekenOh wow can you believe this?   12 years ago
  2. whatthekenPimping ken, you're stupid. The secret service should be allowed to arrest anyone who protests the president! He's our president, we should trust him to do what's best for us. Because, it's only those no good hippies and commies that would protest the president anyways.   12 years ago
  3. whattheken@pimpingken - you are an idiot. If you believe that, then why don't you go live in China or some fascist state!   12 years ago
  4. mikeYou've really thought this through :D   11 years ago